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Click and Travel Ltd. is a small but well-established and rapidly expanding travel company in Chiang Mai, Thailand, specialising in soft adventure cycling tours and cycling holidays. The cycling tours offered appeal to people of all ages, and Click and Travel is proud to have given fun and enjoyment to tour guests from seven to seventy-seven!

Guides of Click and Travel Bicycle Company

The tour company is owned and run by Etienne Daniëls and his Thai wife and they have been offering cycling tours in Chiang Mai since 2000. Before this, Etienne worked for many years in the travel business in Thailand for Belgian and Dutch travel companies and he has used this experience to develop one of the leading cycling tour companies in Chiang Mai.

Click and Travel Bicycle Tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The motivation behind the founding of Click and Travel Ltd. was a desire to offer tourists in Thailand an alternative to the traditional types of tours offered by other Thai travel companies and to set an ecologically sound example to all people.

Since opening in 2000, Click and Travel Ltd. has successfully run hundreds of cycling tours in Chiang Mai and given satisfaction to thousands of customers from all over the world.

Click and Travel bicycles on the car

Click and Travel Ltd. employs local people as tour guides, bicycle mechanics, and drivers, and the tour company has become a well-known and respected part of the tourist industry and the local communities in Chiang Mai and northern Thailand.

Click and Travel Bicycle Tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you would like to know more about Click and Travel or if you would like to book a soft adventure cycling tour in Chiang Mai, please visit the offical Click and Travel website.