self-guided bicycle tours


Many cyclists coming to Chiang Mai would prefer to go it alone rather than join an organised bicycle tour. This is a great and very popular idea but it is fraught with difficulties, such as where to ride, how to rent a good mountain bicycle, where to get a good map, what happens if something goes wrong.

For these reasons, a self-guided bicycle tour makes excellent sense and is the ideal budget solution for many cyclists in Chiang Mai. Only Click and Travel Ltd. can provide the cyclist with this self-guided cycling experience, combining all the advantages (freedom and flexibility) of a solo effort with the assurity and backup of a professionally organised tour. Click and Travel Ltd. will provide you with the right bicycle and the right carefully mapped out route, mobile phone backup, transportation, and hotel arrangements.

If you think that a self-guided bicycle tour is the solution for your cycling holiday in Thailand, you can find more information here about the self-guided tours from Click and Travel.