Frequently asked questions


When is the best time to cycle in Chiang Mai?
The best weather for cycling in Chiang Mai is between September and March. September is near the end of the rainy season and the countryside in Chiang Mai is lush but not too muddy. The winter months of December to February are the best months to ride in Chiang Mai, when it's cool and sunny and the countryside is in flower. By the end of March the trails are getting dusty and hot - not to most riders' liking. However, if you don't mind getting wet and muddy and sliding around, the rainy season between June and September can be cool and overcast

Is it safe to ride without a guide?
Nobody can guarantee your safety, but the Thai and hilltribe people in the Chiang Mai countryside are very friendly and helpful. Most of the bicycles for rent around Chiang Mai can be less than reliable, but there are motorcycle shops all over if you experience technical difficulties. You are also never too far from a store selling cold drinks. When riding in traffic, never assume you have right of way at anytime. A cyclist is expected to get out of the way and drivers usually won't hestitate to pull out in front of a bicycle.

If you are planning to ride the technical trails, especially downhills, it is recommended that you hire an experienced guide and the proper equipment.

Are there any good maps for Chiang Mai available?
There is somewhat of a lack of good maps for Chiang Mai if you are looking for detail. The best maps for Chiang Mai available are the green army maps which are available in bookshops such as Suriwong or DK Books. These maps are written in Thai so ask behind the counter. Also available in book stores in Chiang Mai is "Exploring Chiang Mai" by Oliver Hargreave which includes many good detailed maps of the Chiang Mai area.

Where can I go for more information?
We have a page of links to other websites to save you the trouble of looking through search engine listings.

Where can I rent a bicycle?
If you just want a cheap bicycle to roll around town or out to the lake, there are bicycle rental shops all around Thae Phae Gate/Somphet Market and bikes rent for about 100 Thai Baht a day. Visit one of the bike shops and for a couple of hundred Baht you've got yourself a spare tube and a patch kit. Then choose a bike with new tires, don't do anything heavy and the bike should get you there and back.

If you want something good, there presently aren't any options in town but if you contact one of the tour companies they may be able to sort you out. Be prepared to pay around 500 Thai Baht or so for anything decent.

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